Meet Tracy

Hi, my name is Tracy.
I am here to help you document, capture, and relive those most memorable moments of love. All I want to do is photograph prettiness and love. Ya, that sounds about right. I got my first taste for photography by learning from other photographers. Once I got started and my feet were wet, I felt like I was just way too creative to sit back and take a passenger seat to all of this. I had to get out there on my own! After a lot of learning I found myself feeling like "I can do this better. I can do this different. I can do this my way!" The obvious choice was to dive in head first, and my career was launched. I fell in love with weddings. The experience of being a bride and bridesmaid showed me all of the fun and excitement that goes into the day as it unfolds. I believe that every wedding has a photographer, but not every wedding has a photographer that makes the day a very enjoyable experience. I pride myself in building personal relationships with all of my clients. Those who have worked with me in the past will tell you I incorporating a very fun, fresh, vintage, and handmade touch to all of my work.

My Favorite Things